'Do It Yourself' modification manual 5 - Finding and replacing faulty universal joints... [Read More]

Ryan originally bought this as his second 4wd - the first 4wd lasted 2 days due to a truck not being able to stop and collecting its rear end. The Pajero was chosen because of the price and that it was a diesel, all that was needed was a motor rebuild and the Paj would be rearing to go. This took longer then expected and all the drama's that followed with the motor after the rebuild nearly had the Paj end up at the scrap yard.

Once the motor was sorted it went in for a 2inch lift and Ryan started to do a lot of touring (Cameron's corner etc) and the weekend trips out with his mates in NSW gradually became harder and harder till the point came that the poor Paj was starting to struggle. Being the type of person Ryan is, who likes to be different, he looked around at his options and heard about the solid axel swaps on Toyota Surfs and on a Pajero in Vic.

With a little help from a local 4wd Shop in NSW, they started by removing the ifs and putting in a Dana 30 high pinion diff out of a Jeep XJ Cherokee. The fact that the pumpkin was on the same side as the Pajero's drive shaft meant that the the diff would not have to be cut and flipped. This was an added bonus! For those wondering, the diff's reliability has not been a major issue due to the lack of power typical of Pajeros.

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02-02-2015     TMR up and running for the New Year :)
Finally, after much angst, the TMR forum is up and running - Yay!!!
Happy New Year to everyone! May the 2015 bring you great joy, happiness, health, but most of all - great offroading.
For those of you who will be competing this year in offroad events, may 2015 bring you many shiny trophies!
23-12-2014     This Page Is Not Available :(
Due to a server migration (cloud hosting infrastructure change) during the Christmas period, the TMR forum will be down for about a week. During this period we apologise to our community for the disruption, but new technology demands sacrifice - or so our service provider advises us.
20-11-2014     Annual TMR Christmas Party
Once again, TMR with the support of its proud sponsors is presenting its annual function - and again this year we will be running a raffle to raise money for three charity groups. In addition, TMR will also be hosting a GeoRhino datasheet (number 9) release on the second morning of festivities.
16-10-2014    GeoRhino Datasheet 8 Release
The latest GeoRhino datasheet (number 8) will be run in November at Blackwood State Forest. For more information, please log into the forum and venture into the general discussion section.
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20-05-2014     CliffHanger 2014 Update
Day three has brought with it not only a variety of carnage, but high spirits. The Video Crew has lost one camera after a vehicle (rumored to have been driven by Guy Steuart) dislodged a bolder which crushed the camera, battery, LCD screen, memory card and tripod (RIP GoPro3). Jason Forssman in the Repco truck rolled on Monday night, then got the truck fixed to race on Tuesday, then managed to destroy a rear diff in the rock garden. For more highlights, images and videos, visit the TMR Video Crews Facebook page here.
15-05-2014     TMR's Video Crew Head to CliffHanger 2014
At the crack of dawn, the Video Crew set out on a 12 hour drive to film Cliffhanger 2014. More news as it comes to hand.
21-01-2014     Certificates of Appreciation

During the 2013 TMR Christmas BBQ & Charity Fundraiser, with the help of many of the generous forum vendors who donated prizes, TMR was able to raise several thousand dollars which was divided and donated in whole between three charity groups that had been selected by the forum members. Below are the selected charities, and the certificates they issued in recognition of TMR's community support.

Beyond Blue
Lort Smith
Royal Flying Doctors

Many thanks to all who purchased tickets, and to our sponsors who made the fundraising possible - Alko, Azzco Stainless, Brakes Plus Bayswater, Essential Offroad, GSE Rig Gear, G&S Tyres, Island Marquees, Luke Newman, KPD4X4, LED Light Co and Readies 4X4.

16-11-2013     Offroad Racing Restrictions On Victorian Farm Land Removed

TMR has been fortunate today to view a sneak peak of the Victoria Government's new Farming Zone paper, which for 3 years now has been the sole cause of limited offroad racing taking place within the state.

The final draft of the Farming Zone paper indicates that the prohibition of offroad racing on farm land has been removed. In short this means that soon (unless they change their minds), event organisers will be able to apply and obtain permits to run races (pending the necessary requirements such as insurance and environmental scans).

We await the final release of the paper with bated breath.

13-08-2013     Official Cliffhanger 2013 DVD

The Official Cliffhanger 2013 Double DVD has been released. This is the 6th Cliffhanger DVD we have produced, and like previous years DVDs, this is a definite must have for your collection. To buy your own copy at the reduced price of $27.95 (including postage), visit the forum here.

19-05-2013     Cliffhanger 2013 - Racing And Filming

Since 2008, TMR has been at each Cliffhanger event as the official DVD film/media crew. This year though, in addition to filming, TMR also sent Brad and D'Wayne to compete in their trusty Nissan Patrol TD42. For 7 solid days the guys battled against hardened professionals, and managed to not only complete the event but took out 21st place out of the 47 vehicles present.

16-11-2012     Royal Children's Hospital Fund Raiser

Once again TMR will be hosting its annual Christmas BBQ at Brimbank Park (Victoria) on Saturday 15 December 2012. This year we are raising money for the Royal Children's Hospital through donations, which we will present to the hospital in the form of a cheque from the 'Offroad Community'.

Many thanks go out to our wonderful sponsors including LightForce, Gecko, Repco, Biders4WD, G&S Tyres, KPD, Oil Store, Led Light Co., Road Runner Offroad, Island Marquees and Catnip - just to mention a few. The prizes this year are amazing, so be sure to pop down and grab a raffle ticket for only $5.00.

14-11-2012     TMR Christmas Party - Saturday 15 December 2012

Once again TMR will be hosting its annual Christmas BBQ at Brimbank Park (Victoria) on Saturday 15 December 2012 to allow new and old members to catch up and talk shop. This year we will be running a raffle with numerous offroad prizes to be won - with all proceeds raised going directly to the Royal Children's Hospital. So why not come down, grab a bite, have a chat, test your vehicle on the Traveling Flex Ramp, and enjoy the festive season whilst contributing to a great cause.

05-11-2012     We're Back!   
  Due to competing demands (filming offroad events, work, walking the dog, and life in general), the TMR website has had to take a back seat. But it is now back.