GM orders Corvette deposits to be refunded in Australia | Practical Motoring

If you have a deposit down a Corvette, you’ll need to get it back.

GM Specialty Vehicles has contacted interested buyers of the new Corvette, issuing a statement that it plans to launch the new Australian brand in fourth-quarter 2020. However, in a turn of events that started since General Motor axed Holden earlier this year, deposits which were put down by interested buyers to secure a new Corvette have been cancelled.

Effectively, GMSV has told buyers who have deposits with existing Holden dealers that the dealer should give their money back. The good news is that the model is confirmed to arrive next year.

“We understand that some customers may have already placed deposits with Holden dealers.  Unfortunately, deposits will not guarantee your purchase of a Corvette when they arrive towards the end of next year and we recommended that all dealers to refund these deposits [sic], while we finalise the ordering process,” said GMSV in its mail out today.

That means that the only way to place interest currently is to register details on the new