How is it you can still buy a Ford Mustang R-Spec? | Practical Motoring

Forget burying money under the chicken coop like your nan did, just buy a limited edition muscle car and reap the rewards.

With our locked down island still crazy for special locally developed cars, we wonder how it is that there’s any limited-edition Mustang R-Spec stock still left. Though somehow there is. And it’s still at what could be a relatively cheap $100k with a probable destiny as a collector’s item.

What baffles, is that Australian car enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough limited edition Fords, particularly Aussie built ones. The R-Spec is also a Rob Herrod development, and some of Herrod’s Mustangs past and present ask in excess of six-figures without the backing of the factory, like the R-Spec.

This is all in light of the recent Dick Johnson Racing limited edition mustang, a car we reported on earlier this year which sold for just shy of $200k