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One of Australia’s greatest barn finds is about to go to auction this week.

A rare as hen’s teeth 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 which has been parked in a shed for the last three decades is ready to receive a new lease on life, with its owner passing and the family selling the iconic muscle car on his behalf.

Purchased in 1973 and serving as a wedding car the following year for the only owner it has ever served, the GT RPO 83 Coupe is known by many as the “Chicken Coupe,” and owning it has been the thing of legend. Now, it will move hands and find likely restoration, though its condition is straight considering it hasn’t moved for 32 years.

Protected by chicken wire to keep pigeons from pooping and nesting in it (hence the nickname Chicken Coupe), many have approached its owner over the years offering to buy it. But it was never for sale, and only parked up because insurance premiums were too high to keep it on the road.

Just one of only two RPO 83s finished in MacRobertson’s Old Gold (paint code Y157), it was originally purchased brand new for $7000.

The car is a bit of a legend and a model that helped Ford find a use for many parts destined for the GT HO Phase 4 which was banned during Australia’s Supercar Scare at the time. The parts were sitting ready, but because the model got the flick Ford wrapped up the same bits in the Regular Production Option 83 option for hardtop XA GTs.

“This car is as Australian as it gets,” said classic car specialist for Grays Online, Rian Gaffy, from the auction house the will putting the model under the digital gavel this coming Friday.

“From its accidental birth after the supercar ban to its decades in a shed surrounded by chicken wire to its colour scheme that honours a local chocolate company, it’s a uniquely Aussie story surrounded by rumours and legend. We’re very proud and excited to offer it for auction.”

1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 Coupe specs

Model: Ford Falcon

Body type: Hardtop

Seats: 5

Build and compliance: 1973

Odometer: 46,386 miles (once around)

Engine: 351cid/4V Cleveland V8

Power: 300bhp (224kW) @ 5,400rpm

Transmission: 4-speed Toploader manual (code L)

Paint: MacRobertson’s Old Gold (Code Y157)

Trim: White Vinyl (Code W) with Day Two orange cloth inserts

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